Recent Legislation

2007 Legislative Victories
August 16, 2007

This was a busy year for NYSDA at the Legislature, and the Association is proud of its successful efforts. Most notable was passage of S.3333-b, now Chapter 183 of the Laws of 2007. This is a landmark, precedent-setting initiative that requires dentists in New York State to complete 60 hours of CE every triennial registration period, including completion of a course on ethics and jurisprudence and maintenance of certification in CPR.

NYSDA was also instrumental in passing S.1239, now Chapter 281 of the Laws of 2007, which requires that, beginning in September 2008, school districts request dental health certificates, along with medical health certificates. While this is not a full mandate, since the certificates are simply “requested,” Chapter 281, nevertheless, is a major accomplishment. NYSDA will have to work closely with the state and with local school districts to facilitate its implementation.

At the end of the session, NYSDA was instrumental in killing S.6365, which would have increased awards in malpractice actions by allowing for prejudgment interest. In effect, plaintiffs would have to have been paid from the date of occurrence, as opposed to the date of judgment, thereby penalizing defendants for court delays, which are usually outside their control. This bill was pushed aggressively by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and would have raised liability insurance premiums by 20 percent.

NYSDA is finalizing the regulations implementing the dental assisting law it passed last year. These regulations are consistent with the intent of the law and will allow dentists in New York State to have their certified dental assistants perform virtually any reversible procedure. This NYSDA initiative has caught nationwide attention and will no doubt be replicated in other states. More here: