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OSC Issues Medicaid Audits Involving Dental Anesthesia Services and Involving Improper Patient Medicaid Enrollment

The Office of the Comptroller of the State of New York (OSC) has issued two Medicaid audits: 1) an audit finding $404,227 in overpayments for dental anesthesia services [among $12.4 million in other various overpayments]; and 2) an audit finding that, although progress has been made, more still needs to be done to prevent deceased and other ineligible people from enrolling in Medicaid and to prevent multiple Client Identification Numbers [CINs] from being issued to single individuals through the New York State of Health [NYSOH], New York's health benefits exchange.  To read the OSC audit involving Medicaid overpayments for dental anesthesia services, use the first link below.  To read the OSC audit involving improper Medicaid enrollment through NYSOH, use the second link below.  (OSC Medicaid audit involving dental anesthesia)  (OSC audit on improper Medicaid enrollment through NYSOH)