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Governor Cuomo Vetoes NYSDA Legislation to Prohibit Insurers from Violating the Insurance Law by Demanding Discounts on Dental Services That Are Never Insured

Governor Cuomo vetoed S.6496-A (O'Mara) / A.8141-A (Cymbrowitz), the NYSDA bill that would have prohibited insurers from offering discounts on dental services they never insure and never pay a cent for.  Insurers do this as a means of enriching themselves by selling their dental insurance policies more easily to patients, leveraging their insurance business to enter into the non-insurance discount buying club business.  While the NYSDA blog rarely editorializes, the Governor's veto message, which can be read by using the link below, is nothing short of a foolish statement that insurers should be given control over dental pricing, even for services that they never insure, because any discount is good for consumers.  This kind of inane economic analysis is not actually any help to consumers and one can only hope the Governor did not write it because it is, to be brutally honest, plainly stupid.  (Governor Cuomo veto message)