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AHRQ Issues QI Software Update

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has issued updates to its free Quality Indicators (QI) software.  AHRQ offers free software to help organizations using the AHRQ QIs generate results that are both accurate and actionable.  Use of this free software ensures a standard, trusted approach to quality measurement and means more resources are available for supporting improvements to patient care.  The AHRQ QI software uses readily available data, requiring only administrative data that are already collected and reported in most States.  Using administrative data for measurement promotes consistency when evaluating performance over time and across initiatives, and reduces costs associated with data collection and reporting.  The software is compatible with two commonly used platforms, SAS and Windows, and is updated on an annual basis.  To read the AHRQ announcement and summary of its latest QI software updates, and to download the software, use the link below.