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NYSDOH Issues Alert on AllScripts Cyber Incident

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) is aware that a cyber incident regarding AllScripts has occurred and has issued an alert about the cyber incident.  NYSDOH has not provided any details in its alert on the nature of the cyber incident.  NYSDOH advises that this may have an impact on the ability for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, individual prescribers, and pharmacies to transmit and receive prescriptions electronically.  It is permissible for those impacted to use paper official New York State prescriptions in accordance with New York State regulations.  It is also permissible for those impacted to issue oral (verbal) prescriptions, in accordance with New York State regulations.  When doing so, the prescriber should note the alternative method of prescribing and make a notation of the technical failure in the patient's medical record.  Oral prescriptions are limited to a five-day supply for schedule II drugs and benzodiazepines, and a thirty-day supply or 100 dosage units, whichever is less, for Schedule III-V drugs, excluding benzodiazepines.  NYSDOH continues to recommend that all facilities and prescribers should maintain an adequate supply of paper official prescription forms to use in the event that they are unable to electronically prescribe for an extended period of time.  Additional paper forms may be ordered online through the Health Commerce System.  Should you have urgent questions in this regard, you can contact NYSDOH at 866-811-7957 or off-hours at 866-881-2809.