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HHS Issues Summary of 2019 Federal Budget

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued its summary of the 2019 federal budget for HHS, which includes most health care spending items.  HHS issued the following statement on the 2019 federal budget: “The President’s budget makes investments and reforms that are vital to making our health and human services programs work for Americans and to sustaining them for future generations.  In particular, it supports our four priorities here at HHS: addressing the opioid crisis, bringing down the high price of prescription drugs, increasing the affordability and accessibility of health insurance, and improving Medicare in ways that push our health system toward paying for value rather than volume.  This budget supports the hard work the men and women of HHS are already doing toward these goals.  In particular, the budget’s efforts to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs, especially for America’s seniors, are a reflection of President Trump’s deep commitment to addressing this important issue.”  To read the HHS summary of the 2019 federal budget, use the link below.