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NYSDA Scores Victory in Preserving Dental Services in Budget

A letter from Dr. Michael Breault, NYSDA President


Dear NYSDA Member:

With the release of Governor David Paterson’s proposed 2010 budget for New York State, dentistry has scored a major victory in keeping cuts to dental services out of the budget. Adult dental Medicaid services are fully preserved in the Governor’s proposed budget, as is all other important funding for dental residencies, hospital dentistry, and dental education. This critical triumph for the value of dentistry to the public health and welfare is a result of tireless NYSDA efforts to demonstrate to the Governor the inherent cost savings and public benefit of dental services and the superior model of delivery of dental care to the public.

Governor Paterson has recognized the validity of the compelling arguments NYSDA made about the critical value of access to dental services and the role dental care plays in the public’s oral and overall health. This is demonstrated in the commitment to preserve dental services at full funding across a wide spectrum of programs. Of paramount significance is the commitment to keep dentistry intact in the Medicaid program for both adult and children’s services.  NYSDA’s success is due to the combined efforts of our highly specialized government affairs team, including the Council on Governmental Affairs, EDPAC, and our lobbyist.

As NYSDA President, I am proud of this outstanding advocacy effort. We have succeeded in getting our elected officials to make dental services a priority. This directly benefits the health of New Yorkers and reduces taxpayer expenses for health problems that arise when dental disease is left untreated.



Michael R. Breault, D.D.S.