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Legal protection for your practice

NYSDA is pleased to launch its new Legal Protection Plan for members. Safeguard your practice and protect yourself from the financial and emotional devastation of unexpected encounters with federal and state regulatory agencies, insurance companies, managed care plans and the Office of Professional Discipline.


Who will represent me?

NYSDA will administer the program, with legal services provided by Feldman and Kieffer, L.L.P., of Buffalo, Syracuse and New York City, and specialists in health and business law. Firm founder and partner Andrew Feldman is a member of the NYSDA Legal Services Panel.

How much does it cost?

Members have the option of purchasing the plan in two tiers:

$295 yearly for $7,500 in legal services

$395 yearly for $10,000 in legal services

What does the Plan Cover?

Plan members will be guaranteed legal representation and services in connection with practice matters not typically covered under a liability insurance policy including:

  • Sales tax audits
  • Office of Professional Discipline investigations
  • Insurance company disputes
  • HIPAA and OSHA complaints and compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation challenges and investigations
  • Defending claims involving identity theft issues
  • Investigations/proceedings before IPRO and Office of Civil Rights
  • Responding to a claim for reimbursement by New York State or federal regulatory agencies, including Medicaid and Medicare

The Legal Protection Plan is not insurance or an insurance plan. It provides legal coverage in exchange for a payment for potential claims, proceedings and/or investigations.

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