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NYSDA Seeks Nominations for Jarvie-Burkhart and Distinguished Service Awards

The NYSDA Councncil on Awards is seeking nominees for the Association’s two merit awards—the William Jarvie and Harvey J. Burkhart Award and the Distinguished Service Award.

The council will consider nominees according to its criteria and guidelines for selecting recipients. The guidelines are printed here. The council expects to make its selection at its teleconference at noon, Wednesday, Nov. 28, although it reserves the right to withhold either of the awards if it feels no nominee meets the criteria.

The 2012 Jarvie-Burkhart Award and Distinguished Service Award will be presented in June at the NYSDA Annual Session. Nomination forms appear on the following page. Nominations must be submitted no later than Nov. 19.

For more information, please see criteria below.

Acrobat PDF File Jarvie-Burkhart and Distinguished Service Awards