For Sale

FOR SALE - December 2014

POUGHKEEPSIE: Grossing $400K on 2-3 days/week. Fully equipped, digital general practice in 1,200+ square feet of retail space. Excellent, busy, street level location. Low rent and no liabilities to assume. Priced for immediate sale at $135K. Contact:

FOREST HILLS:  FFS practice and office for sale. 1,350 square feet. Modern office in prime location. For more information, please call (917) 319-1255 after 8 p.m.

STATEN ISLAND: Port Richmond commercial district, 1/2 block from P.S. 20. Free standing dental office with 2 operatories, chairs, supplies, equipment and furniture included.  Asking $225K. Call Dr. Ronald Altman at (908) 295-0672 and leave message.

SOUTHAMPTON, NY: Excellent opportunity to purchase 40-year-old FFS general practice grossing $400K part time. 1,250-square-foot building with 3+ ops in desirable location with own parking. Real estate for rent/sale. Flexible terms. Email:  

MANHATTAN: Upper East Side. Dentist retiring after 37 years. 3 ops with room for expansion. 1,300 square feet, 13-year lease at very reasonable rent. Ultra luxury condo building with great landlord. Incredible potential for right person. All specialties referred out. Call (917) 670-3939.

MARYLAND, DC, VIRGINIA SALES:  No buyer’s fees. Southern Maryland – Near the bay. 3 ops grossing $575K part time. High net. Near Naval base. Carroll County – Retiring. 3-4 ops grossing $400K. Restorative. College Park – Grossing $500K.  Frederick – 3 ops, retiring doctor, part-time practice grossing $375K. Call Polcari Associates for more information: (800) 544-1297; or email:   

MANHATTAN: General practice for sale in Midtown. Gorgeous décor and equipment. Digital X-ray/pan, Dentrix and Dexis. 4 ops equipped; 3 plumbed and ready to go. Great lease and location right on Madison Avenue. Excellent signage. Average 40-50 patients/month. $800K gross on 3 days/week. Doctor moving out of area. Price: $680K. 100% financing for qualified individual.  Contact:  

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN: High-end dental practice for sale grossing $1M+ annually.   Recently constructed, spacious, 6-operatory office with lots of amenities in prime Midtown commercial building.  Sale involves delayed buyout with interim sublease.  Owner seeks buyer with existing patient base to share space for 1 - 3 years before complete transition.  Below market lease is assignable, renewable and has 7 years left.  Lab on premises. Please reply to stating your situation, time frame, etc.

Featured Clemens Group Listings:
• MIDTOWN EAST: 34th Street. 5 chairs. Modern, attractive, fully equipped office with digital. Located on high floor, windowed office. Available with or without small practice. Below market rent. Owner moving out of city. Asking $175K with practice or best offer without.
• CO-OP CITY:  Grossing $450K. 3 chairs; well-established. Better insurance and cash. Priced to sell.
• PARK SLOPE: Rare. Grossing $140K. Long-established FFS with best location. 2 days. 2-chair windowed office in prestigious building. Conservative treatment. Specialty referrals; no marketing; always part time. Rent $1,575.
• COLUMBIA COUNTY:  Grossing $2.5M.  Long-established. Partnership or outright sale. Very profitable. Hidden gem needs producer.
• MID-WESTCHESTER:  Grossing $500K. Long-established 3-chair practice. Expandable. FFS. Located in middle of town with high visibility, onsite parking. Owner is low key with conservative treatment and substantial outside specialist referrals.  Practice is hidden gem. Asking 62% of gross.
• ORANGE COUNTY: Grossing $500K. Well-established. 2 chairs, expandable to 4. Owner-occupied building in central location near major highways. Active recall with hygienist. Conservative treatment; better insurances. Most specialties referred out. Real estate available. Solid practice with excellent reputation. Major growth area in underserved community.
• ROCKLAND COUNTY: Grossing $267K. 3 chairs; professional building. Insurance driven. Very conservative treatment; many specialist referrals. Real opportunity to grow.
• MID-SUFFOLK:  Grossing $1.1M.  Well-established; high-volume; insurance driven. 4 new chairs. Owner building. Specialty referred out. Owner works 2 days/week chairside.
• EASTERN SUFFOLK: Long-established. Grossing $960K on limited days. 4 chairs; high-tech; CT; etc. Growing area with better clientele. Emphasis on implants and cosmetic. Most endo, perio; surgery referred out. Taking better PPOs. Bring on specialists and practice should generate $1.2-1.4M.
•ESSEX COUNTY: Grossing $1.8M. 6 chairs; storefront. Union-  and PPO-driven. Long-established. Real estate with income available. High-traffic area. Modern, well managed facility. Patient-centered practice. Latino area.
Contact The Clemens Group for more info: (800)300-2939; or

FOREST HILLS:  FFS practice and office for sale. 1,350 square feet. Modern office in prime location. For more information, please call (917) 319-1255 after 8 p.m.

ALBANY: General practice for sale; owner retiring. 2013 gross $912K. On pace to gross $1M this year. Asking $675K. Contact: (518) 588-9788; or email:

PARAGON Practice Transitions - "We Put the SUCCESS in SUCCESSion"
- Syracuse: $2 million/year, 7 ops.  Beautiful!
- Oneida County: $900K/year, 6 ops, fully computerized and digital.
- Syracuse: Perio. $785K/year, 50% overhead, LOTS of time off.
- Rochester: $570K/year, 4 ops, <50% overhead.
-Tompkins County: $875K/year <50% overhead! 1,800 active FFS patients.
- Suffolk: Oral Surgery. $1.7 million/year.  State of the art.
- Middle Westchester County: $880K/year, 800+ active FFS patients.
- Lower Westchester: 3-4 ops, $730K/year, 1,500 patients, almost all FFS.
- Southern Suffolk: $500K/year, over 1,200 active patients.
- Staten Island: 3 ops, digital + Pan.  $680K/year on 3 days/week. 1,000 patients.
- Eastern Suffolk: 2 locations with $1.6 million total annual collections. Over 4,400 patients.
Visit our website to learn more about all of our opportunities or contact us today!  Dr. Jonathan S. Carey (Upstate NY) Dr. Berdj & Katherine Feredjian (Downstate NY) • Phone: (866) 898-1867 • E-mail:  

MIDTOWN EAST - MANHATTAN: Dental practice grossing approximately $400K. All-insurance practice with few FFS. Taking unions, HMO and PPO. 13 years of good will. Currently renting and working at office on 52nd and 1st Ave.  Take over the practice as is or buy the good will. All negotiable.  Asking 50% of gross. Please call (646) 263-2980; or email:

ROCKLAND COUNTY: Pomona. Dental practice for sale by owner. Approximately 40 minutes north of NYC. Beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Digital X-rays, digital panoramic, fully computerized, turn-key operation. Located in professional building on busy road. Rent well below market rate. Mix of insurance participation and private pay. Dentist currently works part time, 2 days/week. Hygienist booked 1 full day/week, 6 months in advance. Average 3-year gross $400K. Asking $300K or best offer. Contact Rachel (203) 494-6477.   

CHEMUNG COUNTY:  General practice grossing $680K, plus real estate with rental income. High net. Seller wants buyer to succeed and will help with transition. 5 ops, panograph, 1,800 square feet. Great, long-term staff with loyal FFS patients. Tremendous growth potential as seller does very little marketing and refers out endo, perio, ortho and implant surgery. Contact Dr. Tom Bonsack at (410) 218-4061; or email:

KINGSTON: General practice for sale. Retiring after 30 years. Private; FFS; no insurance. High-quality, low volume. Emphasis C&B, reconstruction, implant, cosmetic. 2 chairs with room for expansion. Grossing $250K on 2-3 days; 16 hours/week. No hygienist. Leased beautiful space. Staff will stay on. Inquiries to: NYSDJ Box #D-103. Via email to:  Include box number in subject line.

COLUMBIA COUNTY: Small, part-time practice; beautiful country setting. After decades, doctor seeks successor. Seller extremely motivated.  Gross just under $200K.  3 equipped operatories, 3 additional plumbed.  Mix of FFS and insurance. Real estate also available. Contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions representative E. Scott Weinberger by email:; or call (518) 512-9988. #NY114

CAPITAL REGION: Well-established periodontal practice near highways and major university. Strong hygiene numbers.  Solid, transferrable referral base.  6-7 operatories and digital X-rays.  Mix of FFS and insurance.  New software and computers.  Gross receipts $800K+. Discounted for quick transition.  Real estate also available. Contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions representative E. Scott Weinberger by email:; or call (518) 512-9988. #NY107

CAPITAL REGION: 3-operatory practice boasts digital pan, digital X-rays and Eaglesoft. Grossing over $500K on limited work schedule. No insurance providers. 9 hygiene days/week.  Impressive net.  Contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions representative E. Scott Weinberger at (518) 512-9988; or email: #NY137.

SYRACUSE: Excellent practice; owner operated since 1977. Strong active patient base. Grossing $784K/adjusted net $282K on 3.5 days. Dedicated staff and located in professional building 5 minutes from downtown. Contact:; or (315) 430-0643. #NY112

ORANGE COUNTY: Successful 3-day, part-time oral surgery practice with 3 operatories and 4th available for expansion.  2,000 square feet; digital; located on main street. Real estate also available.  Doctor ready to retire. Contact Henry Schein Professional Practice representative Mike Apalucci at (718) 213-9386; or by email:  #NY138

CAPITAL REGION: 100% FFS family practice. Healthy finance. 4-operatory practice equipped with digital X-rays and practice management software. Real estate to lease or purchase. Uniquely located in affluent town with little dental competition.  Doctor willing to stay for transition or immediate sale. Contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions Representative E. Scott Weinberger at (518) 512-9988; or by email:  #NY144.

SOUTHERN FINGER LAKES AREA: Steuben County. Established, FFS general practice. 1,200 square feet; 3 operatories; 5 employees. Diagnostic and restorative oral care. Dentrix and  panographic X-ray. Over 2,500 active patients and gross receipts of $908K.  Doctor retiring. Please contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions representative Christina Palma at (585) 370-5301; or by email:  #NY141

HUDSON VALLEY/ULSTER COUNTY:  Digital 3-operatory practice running Eagelsoft.  Access to NYC. Grosses over $400K on limited schedule. Operatories with soft-tissue laser, computer stations and intraoral cameras.  100% FFS. Contact E. Scott Weinberger at (518) 512-9988; or by email:  #NY139

HAMPTONS: Magnificently stylish 4-operatory periodontal office (2 equipped) in medical complex. 1,200 square feet in exclusive zip code. Paperless, Dentrix with Panorex 3D capability. FFS with some PPO. Great for solo practitioner or multiple specialties. Call Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions representative Mike Apalucci at (718) 213-9386; or email:  #NY134.

CENTRAL NEW YORK:  College town. Home/office. Big city benefits and small town atmosphere. $500K+ FFS practice. Fully digital; 4 ops with additional op ready for expansion. Contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions representative Marty at (315) 263-1313; or email: #NY102.

ROCKLAND COUNTY: Pearl River, the town for friendly people. New, high-tech, paperless general dental practice in blue ribbon school district available for sale. 3 years old and grossing $400K on 4 days/week. New equipment; soft-tissue laser; digital X-rays; electric handpieces and more. Contact:

HUNTINGTON: Turn-key ready for specialist to begin practicing. Modern equipment; beautiful décor. Don’t want to spend $$ on new office?  Want office within walking distance of high school and brief drive to elementary and middle schools? 4 operatories; 3 X-ray units. Wired and networked for computer and TV--perfect for Endo. Dexis Sensor for PA and BW X-rays included. Digital Pan/Ceph--perfect for Ortho.  Beautiful custom cabinetry throughout. Drive-by visibility makes it perfect for Ortho or Pedo practice.  Private office, staff room, patient consultation room, Panasonic phone system. High-end sound system and TVs.  Great off-street parking.  Approximately 1,400 square feet. Assumable lease.  Rent $1,900/month, plus about $6K/annually for taxes, snow removal, etc.  Available at $135K.  Timing flexible.  For more info call Richard: (516) 356.6262; or email:,

NASSAU COUNTY: Practice for sale by owner.  Close to RF mall. Grossing around $340K the previous two years.  Asking $100K. Practice has 3 ops. Located in co-op in nice neighborhood. Long term staff and patients. PPO and FFS mostly with small mix of capitations. Rent  frozen $3,480/month for next two years with first two months free. Contact John by phone: (917)528-1092; or email:

LYNBROOK, NY: Legal two-family home with 50-year dental office. Perfect for new graduate.  2-chair dental office with Panorex, lab and waiting room. 100% cash office. 3-bedroom apartment upstairs with brand new kitchen, 2 bedrooms downstairs with finished basement. 2-car garage. Great schools.  Retiring after 35 years in this wonderful home. Inquiries to:,

 • MANHATTAN: $495K gross. Managed care and insurance practice located in storefront on Lower East Side.  Approximately 45 new patients /month. 1,500 square feet, 4 ops and room for expansion. Each op has digital X-rays with computers. Dentist will transition and staff will remain with new buyer. Practice can also be moved into your office. Asking $250K.
 • MANHATTAN: $900K+ gross. FFS and insurance office in Midtown.  5 fully equipped operatories in 1,600 square feet. Computerized with digital X-rays. Monthly capitation $6,500. One partner will stay on for few months for proper transition.  Asking $695K.  SALE PENDING.
• WOODSIDE: $160K. Long established insurance practice located on ground floor of residential building. Part-time practice has about 300 active patients and refers out all specialty work.  2 operatories. Landlord will provide new 10-year lease. Asking $110K.
• STATEN ISLAND: $550K gross. Long established insurance and FFS practice. 25 new patients/month; 6 days of hygiene /week. Seller owns real estate and willing to sell or provide a long-term lease. Asking $410K.
 EASTERN SUFFOLK: $800K gross FFS and PPO practice in brand new facility. Fully computerized with digital X-rays in 4 operatories;  room for 2 more.  1,300 active patients with all specialty work being done in-house. Highly visible location with patient parking available.  Great lease with all utilities included at $5K/month. Asking $599K.
• WESTERN SUFFOLK: $375K gross. Long established FFS and insurance practice located on busy street corner. 3 operatories and digital X-rays. 1,000 active patients without any advertising. Extreme growth potential; most specialty work is referred out. Seller owns real estate and would provide buyer with a long-term lease. Excellent opportunity for motivated buyer. Asking $250K
• LOWER WESTCHESTER: $660K private/insurance practice in professional building. Magnificent office; 10 days of hygiene/week. Dentist refers out $350K of endo, perio, oral surgery and ortho.  5 completely digital ops with room to expand in 2,300 square feet. Dentist relocating. Asking $600K.
• NORWALK: Two part-time, middle-income FFS/PPO practices grossing $750K. Located in free standing building at busy intersection. Two Seller's share space and each operate out of two operatories on separate schedules. Computerized and equipped with digital X rays. Landlord will provide buyer with  long-term lease. Asking $500K
Contact our office for more information or visit online: Phone: (212) 223-2844. Email:

NEW JERSEY: Expansion opportunity. State-of-the-art and one of NJ shore's largest oral surgery and implant centers for sale. Recently renovated, leased office with three fully equipped ops, four additional rooms ready for equipment. Low volume, high fee. 100% financing. Contact: Abigail Widynski:

NY Practices Available by Hudson Transition Partners, Inc.
• Lake George: ( #5482) General practice, 5 ops, digital x-ray and digital pan. Grosses over $900K.
• Erie County: (#4705) General practice located in South towns of Buffalo, 6 operatories grossing $1.3M.
• Watervliet: (#9812) General practice with four operatories grossing $540,000, nets over $280K!  
• Niskayuna: (#9023) General practice grosses $525K/year with increasing revenue. 3 operatories and digital X-ray.  
• Buffalo: (#7224) General practice with 3 new Adec operatories grossing over $300K in five-year-old build out with digital X-ray and digital pan.  
• Rochester Area: (#2254) General practice with 3 operatories grosses $250K. Great growth opportunity!
Syracuse: (#7203) General practice in nice suburb grossing $475K with 4 operatories and digital X-ray. 
• Albany County: (#3412) General practice south of Albany grossing over $300K with 3 operatories and room for expansion.
Please contact us at (888) 803-6131 or email: