New York State Dental Demonstration Project

The Dental Demonstration Project (DDP), a state funded initiative, was created in 2015 to improve oral health outcomes in underserved populations across New York State. Through one day service events and community outreach, the DDP strives to close the gap on unmet dental needs, improve health literacy, connect patients to a dental home and link families to resources in their local community.

To date, over 2,000 patients have received services from volunteer dentists at events across New York State.

Past Events:

  • Capital Region Community Dental Event
  • NYSDA Fights Oral Cancer with the Buffalo Bisons
  • Give Kids A Smile with Suffolk Country Dental Society
  • Stick it to Cancer with Adirondack Thunder Hockey
To learn more about the Dental Demonstration Project, contact Ms. Betsy Bray
DDP event with volunteers in front of a bus


“The NYSDA Volunteer Dental Demonstration Project events are a fun way to give back in a relaxed setting. Just a trip out to a rural area is enjoyable, and to be a part of a group setting is even more rewarding. Whenever I join up with a group of fellow dentists, whether it is a third world country or close to home, I come away with greater friendships and feelings of accomplishment. Please volunteer to help at an upcoming event. I am sure you won’t regret it”. – Dr. Kevin D’Angelo; Buffalo, NY

“I have done many volunteer efforts in the past but found this experience to be truly worthy. The day was extremely well organized and the rooms were clean, well equipped and fully staffed. All you need to do is show up and leave with a tremendous sense of well-being from helping others. In reality you will get far more from the day than the patients get from the treatment you render. Take a chance and have some fun doing what we love”. – Dr. Steve Burgart; Rochester, NY