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Managing Dental Conditions of A “BOOMER” Generation and The “NEW” Periodontal Disease: Inflammatory and Risky

  • Fri, Nov 03, 2017 | 9:00 AM - Fri, Nov 03, 2017 | 4:00 PM

Title:  Managing Dental Conditions of A “BOOMER” Generation and The “NEW” Periodontal Disease: Inflammatory and Risky
Sponsor:   Fifth District Dental Society |
Presenter:   Samuel Low, DDS, MS, MEd
Date:   Nov 3, 2017
Time:   9 – 4 pm
Location:   Syracuse Marriott Downtown, Syracuse, NY
Credits:   6

Course Description:
The “over sixty” population will increase significantly during the next decade.
With that comes an increased frequency of oral conditions associated with the “Baby Boomer” generation.
Two primary areas of concern around chronic inflammation are periodontitis with over 40% having tooth loss disease and Xerostomia with the compromised lifestyle associated symptoms and root caries. In this course we will review these primary diseases from diagnosis to management for a lifetime. We will review the generational characteristics of this age group with emphasis on understanding the population to enhance motivational interviewing and gaining positive case acceptance.

Learning Objectives:
•   Standardizing the collection of periodontal data in an efficient manner and reviewing successful parameters to determine tooth survival in short and long term prognosis.
•   Developing “realistic” non-surgical therapies and the respective reevaluation with emphasis on “new” anti-inflammatory systems including micro-ultrasonic and laser technology, and nutraceuticals as probiotics and anti-oxidants.
•   Understanding the etiology of Xerostomia from medications to Sjogrens.
•   Creating management strategies including local and systemic therapies for “dry mouth” and appreciating oral conditions as caries activity as a result of the condition.
•   Establishing techniques to communicate with the Boomer generation.

THE “NEW” PERIODONTAL DISEASE: Inflammatory and Risky
Studies demonstrate the ‘perio-systemic link’ and patients are asking about the relationship!
Move to a new level of understanding of chronic inflammation and develop successful patient outcomes.
Periodontitis has entered into a new frontier as not only a major chronic infection but a disease of inflammation. Recent studies demonstrate that the incidence of periodontitis has been underestimated by 50%. Determining who is at risk and the corresponding therapy and management is a significant component of effective treatment. Dental school provides the science. This course transforms the science into the actual dental practice.

Learning Objectives:
•   Managing inflammation as a systemic and local immune response with antioxidants and microthin ultrasonic/laser combos.
•   Treating periodontitis as a major chronic inflammatory systemic disease.
•   Determining the role of traditional and non-traditional therapies in controlling periodontitis.
•   Utilizing risk assessment to determine susceptibility.
•   Incorporating the paradigm: periodontal medicine into the practice.
•   Considering genetics, diet (probiotics/nutraceuticals), and stress as variables in controlling disease.