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Legislative Victories

Through the support of our members, the New York State Dental Association has:

PASSED legislation banning patient quotas. Corporations and manufacturers in New York State are prohibited from setting quotas on dentists who use the corporation’s product or service.

PASSED legislation requiring schools throughout New York State to request dental health certificates from children enrolled in public schools.

PASSED legislation permitting dentists to delegate procedures to certified dental assistants provided the procedures are reversible.

PASSED legislation to certify dental assistants and to increase the number of dental assisting education programs in the state.

PASSED legislation exempting dental residents from needing a limited permit.

PASSED legislation to include dentistry within the menu of services available under Child Health Plus, an insurance program for uninsured children not currently eligible for Medicaid. 

DEFEATED legislation that would have permitted dental hygienists to practice without the supervision of a dentist.

DEFEATED legislation to lengthen the dental malpractice statute of limitations to a date of discovery rule.

DEFEATED all initiatives to allow denturism in New York State.

REQUIRED extensive disclosure to consumer and health care providers of managed care plan’s financial operations, its coverages and limitations and its criteria for selecting and evaluating participating health care providers.

STOPPED New York State from eliminating adult dental services under Medicaid to protect the poor and the practices of many participating dentists who provide Medicaid services.

FORCED insurers to accept the standard claim form, saving dentists time and money.

IMPOSED restrictions upon managed care companies so as to ensure they follow procedures to safeguard the health of patients and the dentists who treat them.

SHORTENED the statute of limitations from 3 to 2 ½ years, thereby reducing dentists’ exposure to litigation and lowering malpractice premiums.

REDUCED the amount attorneys can charge for contingency fees in dental malpractice actions, thereby decreasing dental malpractice premiums.

REVOLUTIONIZED licensure in New York State by eliminating the clinical exam as a prerequisite for licensure and by requiring candidates for licensure to successfully complete an approved residency program.

NEGOTIATED a settlement with New York State in which the state committed to adding an additional $576 million to the Medicaid fee-for-service program. 

CREATED an exemption for dentists from the New York State Sharps Safety Act.

SUPERVISED legislation to regulate dental anesthesia and analgesia services that produce conscious sedation, deep sedation or general anesthesia, regardless of the route of administration, in an effort to better protect the public.

DEMANDED and was successful in passing legislation requiring managed care plans to have a formal due process system, so that no dentist can be terminated from a plan without a right to challenge and appeal that termination.

ENACTED a prohibition against insurers requiring dentists to use X-rays merely to verify the work performed.

TIGHTENED existing laws making it a Class E felony, instead of a misdemeanor, for anyone to engage in the unauthorized practice of dentistry.