A Week in the Life of a Periodontist

Sponsor: Ninth District Dental Association
Speaker: Robert A. Horowitz, D.D.S.
Credits: 2

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A Week in the Life of a Periodontist
Robert A. Horowitz, D.D.S.

New patients, pre-existing patients present to the periodontist for routine care, treatment of new isolated issues and/or requiring comprehensive, interdisciplinary therapy. Not all patients are aware of the level of disease that has affected their dentition nor the complexity of treatment to restore their dentition to health and/or stable function. Some of these patients that all presented in a single week will be shown. Ideas for how to approach communicating advanced therapies to patients and scheduling complex treatment plans in light of advanced biomaterials and technologies will be discussed. Short- and long-term followups using some of these materials will be shown with literature to validate these state-of-the-art treatment modalities.