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Dentists Say These Are Their Top Three Challenges Today

Simple Solutions to Daily Problems

When you choose the New York State Dental Association and the American Dental Association, you’re getting more than just a membership. You’re unlocking access to tailored support for some of the most complicated issues that you’ve said come along with being a dentist*. 

Provider Issues

Confused by the complicated processing of dental benefit claims? Unravel your questions with an expert via the ADA’s Third Party Payer Concierge. Speak to someone directly about your provider issue by calling 312-440-2500 or emailing 

Financial Frustrations

Struggling with student loan debt? Consolidate your loans with Laurel Road, the ADA’s exclusive partner for student debt refinancing. Members receive an additional 0.25% rate reduction that could save an average of $33,000. 

Staying Current with Clinical 

Visit for evidence-based resources to learn more about Clinical Practice guidelines and policies, as well as Ace Panel reports (a network of practicing dentists who share their opinions on topics and products).  

The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) are all available online to help you find what you need from experts and data you can trust.

Locally, the New York State Dental Association offers members access to clinical articles in the NYS Dental Journal

Get tailored support today for your most pressing issues. Choose the New York State Dental Association and the ADA now for half-off national dues** for the rest of this year. 

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*Topics were compiled based on feedback submitted by dentists who participated in ADA Surveys during the past year.

***This offer is available to nonmember dentists whose last membership year was 2016 or earlier. Most state and local dental societies also offer this rate.