Thank you to all the brave men and women who have served our country.

We are proud to call these heroes NYSDA members.


Due to a technical error, some members were not included in this list. If you do not see your name, please email Danielle at to be added. 
Dr. Ted Aaronson, Army

Dr. Barry Abrahamson, Air Force

Dr. Lance Adelson, Air Force

Dr. Charles Adler, Air Force

Dr. David Adler, Army

Dr.  Robert Adler, Army

Dr. Melton Adler, Army

Dr. Stephen Akseizer, Air Force

Dr. Ricardo Alexander, Navy

Dr. Kenneth L. Allen, Army

Dr. John M. Aloisio, Navy 

Dr. Ronald Altman, Navy

Dr. Michael Altman, Army

Dr. Robert Amsterdam, Army

Dr. Michael Andolina, Air Force

Dr. Francis Angelino, Army

Dr. Martin Aronauer, Air Force

Dr. Mark Aronowitz, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Stephen Aszkler, Navy

Dr. Elliot Auerbach, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Michael Axelrod, Air Force

Dr. Joel Bachman, Public Health Service

Dr. Arthur Bangs, Navy

Dr. Henry Barnaby, Public Health Service

Dr. Arthur Barocas, Army

Dr. Robert Bass, Army

Dr. Jeffrey Bassin, Air Force

Dr. Paul Bauer, Army

Dr. Jeffrey Baumler, Army

Dr. Thomas Beaumont, Army

Dr. Martin Becker, Air Force

Dr. Elliot Becker, Army

Dr. Thomas Behlmer, Navy

Dr. Herbert Beim, Navy

Dr. Patrick Bennison, Navy

Dr. Eric Berger, Air Force

Dr. Lawrence Berger, Air Force

Dr. Ronald Berghoff, Army

Dr. Roland Bergler, Air Force

Dr. David Berk, Army

Dr. Milton Berkman, Army

Dr. Eugene Berman, Army

Dr. Mark Bernstein, Air Force

Dr. Joseph Bernstein, Army

Dr. Martin Bienenstock, Army

Dr. Gary Bigsby, Army

Dr. Vincent Bingo, Army

Dr. Donald Bishop, Navy

Dr. Jack Bobsein, Public Health Service

Dr. Willard Boehm, Air Force

Dr. Alan Broner, Navy

Dr. John Bonghi, Army

Dr. Vincent Bonvino, Navy

Dr. Michael Boruchov, Air Force

Dr. Edward Bram, Army

Dr. Allen Braunschweiger, Army

Dr. Alvin Bregman, Navy

Dr. Joseph Breloff, Air Force

Dr. Allen Bressler, Army

Dr. Elliott Brilliant, Army

Dr. Jeffrey Brownstein, Army

Dr. Robert Bruskin, Army

Dr. Myron Bucholtz, Air Force

Dr. Barnett Bucklan, Army

Dr. Howard Burger, Navy

Dr. Anthony Cacciabaudo, Air Force

Dr. Michael Cadin, Army

Dr. Joseph Cahaly, Navy

Dr. Joseph Cameron, Army

Dr. Robert Cantales, Army

Dr. Paul Capacci, Army

Dr. Thomas Cardoza, Air Force

Dr. Richard Carlin, Air Force

Dr. Willard Carter, Army

Dr. Anthony Carter, Air Force

Dr. Gerald Casper, Army

Dr. Lawrence Charmatz, Army

Dr. Alan Chernick, Navy

Dr. Leonard Chiat, Air Force

Dr. Robert Chick, Air Force

Dr. Henry Chiu, Army

Dr. Paul Chojnacki, Army

Dr. Louis Cianciola, Navy

Dr. Arcangelo Ciminiello, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Anthony Cinelli, Air Force

Dr. John Cinguina, Army

Dr. Mel Citrin, Army

Dr. Arnold Cochin, Public Health Service

Dr. James Cocuzzi, Army

Dr. Marvin Cohen, Army

Dr. Morton Cohen, Army

Dr. Edwin Cohen, Army

Dr. Arnold Cohen, Air Force

Dr. Louis Colletti, Air Force

Dr. Thomas Collins, Navy

Dr. Pamela Combs, Air Force

Dr. James Comis, Air Force

Dr. Vincent Commercio, Navy

Dr. Dino Constantine, Army

Dr. Joseph Conte, Army

Dr. Stephen Conway, Public Health Service

Dr. Harmon J. Cooper, Army

Dr. Alexander Corsair, Navy

Dr. Louis Cortegiano, Public Health Service

Dr. Richard Costantini, Army

Dr. George Cox, Air Force

Dr. John Crable, Air Force

Dr. Frederick Crane, Air Force

Dr. Richard Craybas, Army

Dr. Mike Criss, Air Force

Dr. Burney Croll, Navy

Dr. Ralph Cunningham, Navy

Dr. Anthony Curinga, Army

Dr. John Curley, Army

Dr. Mark Cury, Army

Dr. Lloyd Cyprys, Army

Dr. Allan Dampf, Air Force

Dr. David Dasher, Air Force

Dr. Steven David, Navy

Dr. Richard Davidson, Navy

Dr. Michael Davidson, Army

Dr. Edward De Castro, Army

Dr. Frank De Gaetano, Army

Dr. Louis De Giacomo, Air Force

Dr. Michael De Santi, Army

Dr. Albert Decker, Air Force

Dr. John Del Campo, Navy

Dr. Ronald Del Signore, Air Force

Dr. Richard Delson, Army

Dr. Nicholas Desiderio, Army

Dr. Jerome DeSnyder, Army

Dr. Daniel Di Giacomo, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Camille Di Paola, Public Health Service

Dr. Stephen Diamond, Air Force

Dr. George Dickinson, Navy

Dr. William Dillon, Air Force

Dr. John Dodes, Air Force

Dr. Van Doolittle, Air Force

Dr. Walter Dornemann, Army

Dr. Robert Douglas, Army

Dr. Barry Drayer, Army

Dr. James Dubovick, Navy

Dr. Fred Dubrowsky, Army

Dr. Lawrence Duda, Veterans Affairs

Dr. David Durr, Army

Dr. Arthur Ebbin, Army

Dr. Irving Eckstein, Army

Dr. Stuart Edelstein, Air Force

Dr. Sanford Eisen, Army

Dr. Norman Ellenbogen, Army

Dr. Alan Ellman, Army

Dr. Fred Emmings, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Herbert Emmons, Army

Dr. Warren Endes, Army

Dr. Stephen Engel, Air Force

Dr. Dennis Epstein, Air Force

Dr. David Epstein, Army

Dr. Martin Epstein, Army

Dr. Christopher Erbland, Navy

Dr. Salvatore Fabbricante, Navy

Dr. Stanley Faigin, Army

Dr. Stuart Farber, Army

Dr. Barry Feder, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Norman Feder, Army

Dr. Melvyn Feldman, Air Force

Dr. Barry Fenner, Air Force

Dr. Howard Ferber, Army

Dr. Lawrence Ferrari, Army

Dr. Alan Ferretti, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Michael Ferrick, Navy

Dr. Anthony Ficara, Army

Dr. Michael Fidler, Army

Dr. Ralph Field, Public Health Service

Dr. Irwin Finch, Army

Dr. Thomas Finken, Army

Dr. Sanford Flansbaum, Air Force

Dr. Leonard Flug, Air Force

Dr. Eliot Folickman, Army

Dr. Allan Formicola, Navy

Dr. Donald Fornes, Army

Dr. Albert Fox, Army

Dr. Roger Fox, Army

Dr. Albert Fradkin, Army

Dr. Ronald Frankel, Air Force

Dr. Richard Fridman, Air Force

Dr. Joel Fried, Air Force

Dr. Lee Friedman, Air Force

Dr. Howard Friedman, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Harvey Friedman, Air Force

Dr. Steve Fischthal, Navy

Dr. Howard Fruchter, Army

Dr. Vincent Fuschino, Navy

Dr. Thomas Gadziala, Army

Dr. William Gale, Navy

Dr. David Gallin, Army

Dr. Thomas Ganetis, Navy

Dr. Gerald Gardner, Air Force

Dr. Robert Garofalo, Air Force

Dr. Henry Gazes,  Army

Dr. William Gelfman, Army

Dr. Irving Gerstman, Army

Dr. Stephen Gerstman, Army

Dr. Robert Gianadda, Navy

Dr. Lawrence Gilbert, Public Health Service

Dr. G. Kirk Gleason, Army

Dr. Jerry Gleicher, Army

Dr. Harvey Glicker, Air Force

Dr. Jon Globerson, Army

Dr. Steven Gold, Army

Dr. Allen Gold, Army

Dr. Stanley Goldberg, Army

Dr. Maynard Goldberg, Army

Dr. Norman Goldberger, Army

Dr. William Goldman, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Richard Goldman, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Maurice Goldman, Air Force

Dr. Robert Goldman, Air Force

Dr. Richard Goldsmith, Army

Dr. Stuart Goldstein, Army

Dr. Mark Goldstein, Army

Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, Army

Dr. Leonard Goldstein, Army

Dr. Gary Goldstein, Navy

Dr. Donald Goldstein, Army

Dr. Richard Goliber, Air Force

Dr. Daniel Goodstein, Army

Dr. Lawrence Gorelick, Army

Dr. Miles Gorenkoff, Air Force

Dr. Curtis Goss, Army

Dr. David Gottesfeld, Public Health Service

Dr. Zane Graf, Air Force

Dr. Harvey Gralnick, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Joe Grasskemper, Navy

Dr. Tim Green, Army

Dr. James Green, Army

Dr. Allen Greenberg, Army

Dr. Robert Greenspan, Public Health Service

Dr. Michael Gridley, Army

Dr. Ira Gronowitz, Army

Dr. Stephan Gross, Army

Dr. Norman Gross, Army

Dr. Albert Gruner, Air Force

Dr. Frank Guardala, Army

Dr. Michael Gutman, Air Force

Dr. Louis Habig, Navy

Dr. Lynne Halik, Air Force

Dr. Clifford Hames, Public Health Service

Dr. Theodore Hamway, Air Force

Dr. Stephen Hand, Army

Dr. Jeffrey Harnett, Navy

Dr. Joel Harris, Army

Dr. Fred Harris, Army

Dr. Alan Harrison, Army

Dr. Joseph Hart, Army

Dr. Dellmen Hecht, Army

Dr. Robert Henner, Army

Dr. Ronald Herrmann, Army

Dr. William Herrmann, Army

Dr. Robert Herzog, Air Force

Dr. Gary Heuer, Air Force

Dr. Edward Hickey, Air Force

Dr. Sidney Hiller,  Army

Dr. Steven Hinkis, Navy

Dr. Norman Hirsch, Air Force

Dr. Fred Hirsh, Air Force

Dr. Burton Hochberg, Army

Dr. John Hoechster, Public Health Service

Dr. Jason Horn

Dr. Robert Hourihan, Navy

Dr. Bruce Howard, Air Force

Dr. Gerald Hubal, Army

Dr. Eugene Humeniuk, Army

Dr. David Hurwitz, Air Force

Dr. William Hurwitz, Army

Dr. John Iacono, Army

Dr. Michael Iacovino, Air Force

Dr. Ronald Iannone, Army

Dr. Anthony Imperato, Air Force

Dr. Patrick Iovino, Navy

Dr. Lawrence Itskowitch, Navy

Dr. Gary Jablow, Air Force

Dr. Louis Jaffe, Army

Dr. Bruce Jaslow, Navy

Dr. Juan Jimenez-Goytia, Army

Dr. Kenneth Joseph, Army

Dr. Morton Julius, Army

Dr. Robert Kadanoff, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Timothy Kaercher, Army

Dr. Warren Kahn, Army

Dr. Barry Kahn, Navy

Dr. Gregory Kalmar, Public Health Service

Dr. Stephen Kamel, Army

Dr. Edward Kantor, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Steven Kantor, Air Force

Dr. Leon Kantor, Air Force

Dr. Eric Kaplan, Army

Dr. Stanley Kaplan, Army

Dr. Ronald Katz, Air Force

Dr. Paul Katzman, Army

Dr. M Kaufman, Navy

Dr. Stanley Kaye, Army

Dr. Melvin Kee, Air Force

Dr. John Keegan, Air Force

Dr. Roger Kellerman, Navy

Dr. Michael Kelly, Army

Dr. Brian Kennedy, Army

Dr. Thomas Keppler, Navy

Dr. David Kerber, Army

Dr. Kenneth Kerman, Army

Dr. Kenneth Ketay, Army

Dr. Stephen Klafter, Public Health Service

Dr. Joel Kleiman, Army

Dr. Ira Klein, Public Health Service

Dr. Michael Klein, Air Force

Dr. Robert Klein, Army

Dr. Gary Klein, Army

Dr. Warren Klein, Army

Dr. Stuart Knee, Air Force

Dr. Gary Knee, Army

Dr. Paul Knel, Army

Dr. Peter Koch, Army

Dr. Howard Koft, Army

Dr. Ronald Kohl, Air Force

Dr. Murray Kohn, Army

Dr. Bertram Kohn, Army

Dr. Norbert Koller, Army

Dr. Harold Kopman, Air Force

Dr. William Kopp, Air Force

Dr. Harvey Korngold, Public Health Service

Dr. Anthony Kossa, Army

Dr. Sanford Kowan, Army

Dr. Gerald Kowitt, Air Force

Dr. Thomas Kozlowski, Army

Dr. Aaron Kramer, Air Force

Dr. Michael Krane, Air Force

Dr. David Kratenstein, Army

Dr. Martin Krauss, Public Health Service

Dr. Richard Kraut, Army

Dr. Arthur Kreiswirth, Army

Dr. John Krisch, Air Force

Dr. George Kryzaniwsky, Army

Dr. Arthur Kubikian, Army

Dr. Frederic Kunken, Navy

Dr. Sheldon Kupper, Air Force

Dr. Barry Kurtz, Navy

Dr. George Kutin, Army

Dr. Frank Kwiatkowski, Navy

Dr. Paul Labowitz, Army

Dr. William Lado, Air Force

Dr. Stanley Lane, Army

Dr. Frank Lauciello, Veterans Affairs 

Dr. Bennett Lax, Army

Dr. Howard  Lax, Army

Dr. John Lazarus, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Paul Leary, Navy

Dr. Norman Lederman, Army

Dr. Jeffrey Leitner, Air Force

Dr. Frederick Lerner, Air Force

Dr. Marc Levine, Public Health Service

Dr. Norman Levine, Army

Dr. Michael Levine, Army

Dr. Marvin Levine, Army

Dr. Harvey Levine, Army

Dr. Leslie Lew, Army

Dr. Richard Lewenson, Navy

Dr. Brian Lewis, Air Force

Dr. Gary Lewis, Public Health Service

Dr. Stephen Licata, Air Force

Dr. Barry Liebert, Army

Dr. Charles Liebowitz, Air Force

Dr. Bennet Ligotti, Navy

Dr. Harvey Lindenbaum, Air Force

Dr. Michael Liotta, Air Force

Dr. Walter Lipow, Army

Dr. David Lippman, Army

Dr. Leonard Lomangino, Army

Dr. Howard Lorber, Navy

Dr. P. Lorey, Navy

Dr. Gerald Lorin, Air Force

Dr. Marc Lorinsky, Army

Dr. Joel Lubetsky, Air Force

Dr. David Luft, Air Force

Dr. Thomas Lundy, Army

Dr. John Mac Caull, Air Force

Dr. Robert Maddalena, Air Force

Dr. Francis Maguire, Army

Dr. David Mahler, Army

Dr.  Richard Mains, Army

Dr. Henry Malarkey, Public Health Service

Dr. John Malone, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Bruce Maltz, Army

Dr. Louis Mandel, Army, Air Force

Dr. Dominick Mandracchia, Army

Dr. Marvin Mansky, Air Force

Dr. Arthur Marchiano, Navy

Dr. Daniel Marcus, Army

Dr. Michael Marder, Army

Dr. Anthony Maresca, Army

Dr. Joseph Marino, Army

Dr. Lawrence Marks, Air Force

Dr. Ralph Marra, Air Force

Dr. Robert Marrone, Air Force

Dr. P Marsh, Army

Dr. Peter Mascari, Air Force

Dr. John Massaro, Navy

Dr. Dennis Mauro, Army

Dr. Alan Mazer, Army

Dr. James McCutcheon, Navy

Dr. J Francis McGuire, Army

Dr. James McMahon, Public Health Service

Dr. O Boyce McDivitt, Navy

Dr. Jack McGill, Air Force

Dr. Michael McGovern, Public Health Service

Dr. Robert McLanahan, Air Force

Dr. John Meagher, Army

Dr. Carl Meese, Navy

Dr. Howard Mehring, Army

Dr. Stephen Mender, Air Force

Dr. Harvey Meranus, Air Force

Dr. Steven Messing, Air Force

Dr. Jack Meyer, Navy

Dr. Alan Michaelson, Army

Dr. Michael Miller, Public Health Service

Dr. Joel Miller, Air Force

Dr. Alan Mintz, Army

Dr. Lillian Mittl, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Stephen Mitzner, Air Force

Dr. Barry Moinester, Air Force

Dr. Harry Monastersky, Army

Dr. Stephen Mooney, Air Force

Dr. Mark Morchower, Army

Dr. Dennis Morea, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Stephen Morris, Air Force

Dr. Donald Moskovitz, Air Force

Dr. John Mozrall, Veterans Affairs

Dr. James Mruk, Air Force

Dr. Steven Munk, Army

Dr. Quentin Murphy, Army

Dr. Timothy Murphy, Army

Dr. Thomas Murray, Air Force

Dr. Leonard Muscarella, Navy

Dr. Edward Myers, Army

Dr. Randolph Myerson, Air Force

Dr. Geraldine Napierski, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Marvin Nathanson, Army

Dr. Jay Neckritz, Army

Dr. William Neilsen, Air Force

Dr. Hubert Nerwin, Army

Dr. Richard Nesi, Navy

Dr. Ralph Neuhaus, Air Force

Dr. Warren Newman, Air Force

Dr. Bruce Niedle, Army

Dr. James Nitschke, Air Force

Dr. Scott Noren, Army

Dr. Robert North, Army

Dr. Robert Nowak, Army

Dr. Leo O'Callaghan, Navy

Dr. John O'Connor, Army

Dr. Robert Oculato, Air Force

Dr. William Olmsted, Air Force

Dr. David Olsen, Army

Dr. James Olson, Army

Dr. Gregory Onufryk, Army

Dr. Roger Oppenheimer, Public Health Service

Dr. Jay Orlikoff, Navy

Dr. Samuel Orme, Army

Dr. William O'Shaughnessy, Navy

Dr. Paul Osher, Army

Dr. Lee Ostroff, Navy

Dr. Stephen Oustatcher, Public Health Service

Dr. Raymond Palmer, Army

Dr. Thomas Paonessa, Navy

Dr. Joseph Papa, Public Health Service

Dr. John Parry, Air Force

Dr. Frank Pasculli, Army

Dr. Andrew Passariello, Navy

Dr. John Passeggio, Army

Dr. Richard Pawlak, Navy

Dr. Joseph Perechocky, Army

Dr. Arnold Perlman, Army

Dr. Samuel Perlman, Navy

Dr. Joel Pertofsky, Army

Dr. Philip Peschio, Army

Dr. Ira Peters, Army

Dr. Richard Petix, Army

Dr. Roger Pflugfelder, Army

Dr. Joseph Pianpiano, Army

Dr. Michael Pilar, Army

Dr. Allen Pintoff, Army

Dr. Alan Pitegoff, Army

Dr. Patricia Podolak, Public Health Service

Dr. Martin Pokorny, Army

Dr. Walter Pokowitz, Army

Dr. Milton Poler, Public Health Service

Dr. Sydney Pollard, Public Health Service

Dr. Anthony Pomato, Public Health Service

Dr. Stephen Pommiss, Air Force

Dr. Melvin Portnoy, Army

Dr. E Prezzano, Navy

Dr. John Primavera, Navy & Army

Dr. John Prondecki, Air Force

Dr. Thomas Puma, Air Force

Dr. Louiza Puskulian-Kubikian, Army

Dr. Fred Racenstein, Army

Dr. Kenneth Raczka, Army

Dr. Angelo Radatti, Army

Dr. Ralph Raphaelson, Air Force

Dr. Marvin Rappaport, Navy

Dr. Paul Rasmussen, Air Force

Dr. Joseph Raziano, Army

Dr. Gary Regenbaum, Army

Dr. Ernest Reimann, Army

Dr. Robert Renner, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Michael Resnick, Army

Dr. David Riboldazzi, Air Force

Dr. Marvin Richards, Public Health Service

Dr. Lawrence Richman, Air Force

Dr. Joseph Rintrona, Navy

Dr. Thomas Riordan, Navy

Dr. Gary Roebuck, Air Force

Dr. Ronald Rosa, Public Health Service

Dr. Alan Rosell, Public Health Service

Dr. Stephen Roseman, Air Force

Dr. Lawrence Rosen, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Gerald Rosen, Navy

Dr. Harvey Rosen, Air Force

Dr. Stephen Rosenfeld, Army

Dr. Bruce Rosenzweig, Air Force

Dr. Edward Rosner, Public Health Service

Dr. Ira Rosner, Air Force

Dr. Norman Roswick, Public Health Service

Dr. Ronald Roth, Army

Dr. Richard Roth, Air Force

Dr. Laurence Roth, Air Force

Dr. Ivan Rothberg, Army

Dr. David Rothenberg, Navy

Dr. Bruce Rothstein, Air Force

Dr. Stuart Rouff, Army

Dr. Joseph Rowbottom, Army

Dr. Arthur Rozof, Army

Dr. Michael Rubenstein, Army

Dr. Steven Rubin, Air Force

Dr. Robert Rubler, Air Force

Dr. Sheldon Rudnicki, Army

Dr. Allen Russell, Army

Dr. Charles Sachs, Air Force

Dr. Gerald Sack, Navy

Dr. W Safin, Air Force

Dr. Bruce Safran, Public Health Service

Dr. Stephen Safran, Army

Dr. Bradley Saisselin, Army

Dr. Ronald Salmonson, Army

Dr. Leonard Salonsky, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Gerald Sandler, Army

Dr. Stuart Saroff, Public Health Service

Dr. Michael Saul, Army

Dr. John Sawicki, Air Force

Dr. Allen Schacher, Army

Dr. Joseph Schachner, Army

Dr. Jerry Schachter, Army

Dr. Merlin Schaefer, Air Force

Dr. Richard Schillinger, Navy

Dr. Sanford Schimmel, Army

Dr. Albert Schindler, Army

Dr. James Schiuma, Army

Dr. Michael Schlossberg, Army

Dr. Stephen Schmetz, Navy

Dr. Carl Schmidt, Army

Dr. Stephen Schreiber, Army

Dr. Peter Schreier, Air Force

Dr. David Schrier, Public Health Service

Dr. Jeffrey Schulman, Army

Dr. Jeffrey Schultz, Navy

Dr. John Schummer, Army

Dr. Gerald Schwartz, Army

Dr. Alan Schwartz, Army

Dr. Stephen Schwartz, Air Force

Dr. Arnold Secor, Navy

Dr. Bruce Seidberg, Navy

Dr. Harris Sendach, Navy

Dr. Andrew Senkowsky, Air Force

Dr. Kenneth Serle, Air Force

Dr. Sanford Shaev, Army

Dr. Stephen Shaskan, Public Health Service

Dr. Aaron Shatzer, Air Force

Dr. Clarence Shelton, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Donald Sheridan, Navy

Dr. Edward Sherman, Army

Dr. David Sherrick, Army

Dr. Walter Sherry, Navy

Dr. George Shilling, Air Force

Dr. Barnet Shulman, Veterans Affairs

Dr. David Shulman, Army

Dr. Eugene Sibick, Navy

Dr. Ronald Siegel, Army

Dr. Robert Siegel, Army

Dr. Steven Siegel, Army

Dr. Joel Silver, Navy

Dr. Alan Silverman, Army

Dr. Harvey Silverstein, Army

Dr. Howard Simmons, Air Force

Dr. David Sims, Navy

Dr. Jay Slomovitz, Army

Dr. Stewart Small, Air Force

Dr. Adam Smith, Coast Guard 

Dr. Peter Smith, Air Force

Dr. Matthew Smith, Air Force

Dr. Jeffrey Smitten, Army

Dr. Arnold Snetiker, Air Force

Dr. Herbert Sobel, Army

Dr. Steve Sokolov, Army

Dr. Stephen Solnoki, Army

Dr. Douglas Sootin, Navy

Dr. Yehuda Sorscher, Army

Dr. Michael Spinelli, Air Force

Dr. Daniel Squilla, Navy

Dr. Donald Stammer, Public Health Service

Dr. Lester Stein, Air Force

Dr. Edward Stein, Army

Dr. Sidney Stern, Army

Dr. Thomas Stevens, Public Health Service

Dr. Franklin Stone, Air Force

Dr. Frank Strauss, Army

Dr. Howard Strauss, Air Force

Dr. F Sullivan, Air Force

Dr. Harold Sussman, Navy

Dr. Richard Sussman, Army

Dr. Frederick Suter, Air Force

Dr. David Syrek, Navy

Dr. Victor Szarejko, Army

Dr. Joseph Taddune, Air Force

Dr. Joseph Talcik, Army

Dr. John Tanzilli, Army

Dr. J Taplitz, Army

Dr. Francis Tasso, Army

Dr. Peter Taub, Air Force

Dr. Harlan Taub, Navy

Dr. Ronald Tauber, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Lawrence Taylor, Navy

Dr. Ronald Tecler, Army

Dr. Robert Teuchtler, Army

Dr. Robert Thaler, Army

Dr. Myron Thurm, Air Force

Dr. Howard Tichler, Army

Dr. Ira Titunik, Navy

Dr. Paul Titus, Army

Dr. Howard Tocker, Air Force

Dr. Leon Tombacher, Navy

Dr. Thomas Tong, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Melvyn Topel, Army

Dr. John Tozzi, Army

Dr. Stephen Trager, Army

Dr. Kenneth Treitel, Air Force

Dr. Roger Triftshauser, Navy

Dr. Paul Troidle, Army

Dr. Robert Turano, Army

Dr. Louis Tuzman, Army

Dr. Jon Valdina, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Vito Valenzano, Air Force

Dr. Anthony Vinci, Army

Dr. Robert Wagner, Army

Dr. Jay Wagner, Army

Dr. John Wahlig, Navy

Dr. Duane Wallace, Army

Dr. Thomas Walsh, Air Force

Dr. Richard Ward, Veterans Affairs

Dr. Donald Washburn, Air Force

Dr.  Robert Wasserman, Army

Dr. Norman Weber, Army

Dr. Fredric Weber, Air Force

Dr. Lawrence Wechsler, Army

Dr. Henry Weinman, Army

Dr. Edward Weinstein, Army

Dr. Fredric Weiss, Army

Dr. Jules Weissman, Army

Dr. Robert Wiesenberger, Air Force

Dr. Richard Wilck, Army

Dr. Barry Wilder, Navy

Dr. John Williams, Army

Dr. Harold Wilson, Navy

Dr. Peter Winkler, Public Health Service

Dr. John Wisniewicz, Army

Dr. Edward Woodman, Army

Dr. John Zalatan, Air Force

Dr. Seymour Zaret, Air Force

Dr. Fred Zebrak, Air Force

Dr. Robert Zeman, Army

Dr. Ronald Zielin, Army

Dr. Jay Ziffer, Army

Dr. Robert Zinderman, Army

Dr. Arthur Zweibach, Army