Allscripts Changing EPCS Credentialing Service

Allscripts is changing its credentialing service provider (CSP) to Its current vendor, Zentry (formerly Verizon), is leaving the CSP business. Allscript clients using Allscripts ePrescribe for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS), as well as those using other Allscripts software that used Zentry, are affected by this change. All affected EPCS Prescribers will need to enroll with and link the new account to their existing Allscripts Security Account. Dentists will no longer be able to use the FOB verification devices and now must use a mobile device (i.e., smartphone or tablet) for second factor authentication. 

Since 2013, New York has required electronic prescribing in place of paper scripts for all prescriptions. Prescribing controlled drugs requires additional security. Prescribers must have a DEA number and have registered their EPCS software with NYS’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. EPCS software is used to Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances. When issuing prescriptions for controlled drugs, prescribers are required to query the state’s Prescription Monitoring Program Registry (PMP Registry). 

Contact Allscripts’ ePrescribe support line with any additional verification questions: 1-888-278-3685.

EPCS-New Credentialing - FAQ