Are You Having Problems with an Insurance Company?

NYSDA assists our members when they have problems with their patients’ insurance companies and other dental benefit plans. This personalized, one-on-one support is one of the many benefits NYSDA provides to our members.

To request help with a specific dental benefit-related problem, visit

The form is easy to complete. The information you provide helps NYSDA staff respond to your situation or concern more efficiently. In addition to basic information about how to best contact your office, the form asks for the name of the insurance company and the type of problem or complaint. Lastly, you can upload copies of related documentation, i.e., the patient’s claim, letters from the carrier and explanation of benefits related to the claim in question.

By monitoring complaints, NYSDA can determine when an issue affects an individual dentist or whether there is a pattern of abuse by an insurance company that affects all practitioners. When patterns emerge, NYSDA can identify and respond to issues that may require us to intercede directly with the insurer or government oversight agency, or support policy or regulatory action at the state or national level. 

Members also can continue to contact NYSDA staff directly by phone at 1-800-255-2100.