White Plains, NY pediatric dentist, Dr. Minerva Patel, talks to The Wall Street Journal about COVID-19 vaccinations in dentistry

Vaccinated Dentists, Physicians Hope Their Protected Status Lures Back Wary Patients

By Kate King
Published Feb. 4, 2021 in The Wall Street Journal

"Minerva Patel, a pediatric dentist in White Plains, N.Y., said business was strong during the summer but started tapering off last fall as coronavirus cases rose. When a patient calls to cancel or move an appointment, her staff explains that those in the office have been vaccinated.

“It doesn’t seem to really sway people—if they’re uncomfortable, they’re not coming in,” she said, adding that she expects business will continue to be tough until herd immunity is reached. She said she ended 2020 with revenue down 30%.

Dr. Patel and others said they would continue the same infection-control protocols even after receiving their shots."

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