NYSDA New Dentist Committee hosts new five-part lecture series, “Survival Guide Series: Setting You Up for Success”

The NYSDA New Dentist Committee developed a new five-part lecture series entitled “Survival Guide Series: Setting You Up for Success.” With all of the challenges presented in 2020, the committee wants to ensure members continue to feel connected to NYSDA in 2021. Experts were brought together to address hot topics, including wellness and mental health, financial planning, starting a practice, and leveraging online reviews to grow your practice.

The first four virtual sessions engaged over 100 members from February through May. After each webinar, registrants received a tip sheet to build their own Survival Guide. The recorded webinars and tip sheets are available to members online at www.nysdental.org/survivalguide.

The fifth and final program will be in-person at the NYSDA House of Delegates meeting in Jersey City, NJ, on August 14, from 2:30 – 5:30 pm. Dr. Joshua Austin will present "What’s New? Materials and Tech that Expedite Excellence."

With a constant stream of new products that claim to be bigger, better and faster flooding the dental market, it is challenging to know which are effective and efficient… and where there is hype. Learn what to look for when determining which new products to use.


What participants are saying:

“(The speakers) were all very clear and concise with their information, which was great. Sometimes in talks there can be so much info that it's overwhelming, but all the speakers got their points across clearly.”

NYSDA would like to thank all the speakers for sharing their expertise with dentists new to the profession.