NYSDA’s Committee on Chemical Dependency Announces Name Change

The Committee on Chemical Dependency is now the Committee on Substance Abuse and Well-Being. The new name reflects the Committee’s broader mission of assisting members suffering from substance abuse and addiction as well as those with mental health and wellness concerns. Members of the Committee, trained in the treatment of addiction, understand that substance use disorders often co-occur with mental health and anxiety disorders and are, therefore, treated as one disease.

The Committee consists of members from each of NYSDA’s 13 component dental societies, many of whom have first-hand experience with the devastation of addictive illness and mental health disorders. All members of the Committee receive relevant ongoing didactic training and work together with the Committee’s Peer Assistance Coordinator, Dr. Bob Herzog, to respond to those seeking help. Dr. Herzog is a certified interventionist and has established relationships with experts in addiction medicine and treatment facilities throughout the country.

If you, a colleague or family member is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, help is a confidential phone call away. Contact Dr. Bob Herzog at 716-830-3055 or Jacquie Donnelly at NYSDA at 518-689-2750.

Visit the Committee’s website for additional information: https://www.nysdental.org/mentalhealth.