Governor Hochul Signs Into Law Bill to Collect Practice Information as Part of Licensure

Governor Hochul has signed into law, as Chapter 702 of the Laws of 2021, S.3543 (Stavisky) / A.3050 (Fahy), a bill that New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) opposed. The bill has the New York State Education Department collecting practice information as part of the professional licensure process. 

NYSDA had taken the position that this information, which will be used by the New York State Department of Health to assess health workforce issues, should be collected by the Department of Health as it does for physicians and should not be tied to licensing requirements.
You can read the enacted bill here: Licensure Practice Information Collection Bill.  You can read the Sponsor Memorandum explaining the bill here: Sponsor Memorandum for Licensure Practice Information Collection Bill

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