NYS Mask Mandate Lifted for the Public

Mask Mandate Lifted for the Public
This week, Governor Hochul announced that the statewide indoor business mask-or-vaccine requirement was being lifted effective today, Thursday, February 10. It will remain in effect in certain settings, including schools, public transportation centers, hospitals, and all healthcare settings regulated by the NYS Department of Health. View Full Release & Winter Toolkit

What does this mean for patients?
Since private dental offices are not regulated by the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH), patient masking is no longer mandated by New York State in this setting. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still recommends masking for all people in a healthcare setting.  

What does this mean for staff?
The NYS HERO Act remains  in effect until February 15, which may require employee masking. Even if that declaration expires, NYSDA continues to recommend that all dental healthcare providers (DHCP) wear masks in the dental office setting. 

What does this mean for employers?
While NYSDOH and CDC provide guidance, they do not represent the force of law. Members should understand that it is well within their right to require masks in their private dental office. Not only is it allowable, it is considered prudent.

Local Municipalities May Still Enact Mask Mandates
Lastly, keep in mind that local municipalities may still enact their own indoor masking mandates, so be sure to check with your local governments.

Additional COVID-19 resources are available at www.nysdental.org/covid19.