Governor Hochul Signs Statewide Wage Transparency Bill Into Law

On December 21, 2022, Governor Hochul signed into law, as Chapter 723 of the Laws of 2022, the bill – A.10477 (Joyner) / S.9427-A (Ramos) – mandating wage transparency statewide, similar to the law already in effect in New York City, when hiring employees (the bill requires giving the specific salary or salary range when advertising an employment opportunity). 

The law applies to all employers with four or more employees.  The laws takes effect 270 days from December 21, 2022, which provides a lengthy period to prepare for the law.  Governor Hochul's announcement and summary of the bill can be read here:  A copy of the bill can be read here: S9427-A Wage Transparency Bill.  A copy of the Sponsor Memorandum explaining the bill  can be read here: Sponsor Memorandum S9427-A.  A copy of the Governor's Approval Memo can be read here: Hochul Wage Transparency Approval Memo.