NYSDA New Dentist Committee end third year of four-part lecture series “Survival Guide Series: Setting You Up for Success

The NYSDA New Dentist Committee developed a four-part lecture series entitled “Survival Guide Series: Setting You Up for Success.”  NYSDA recognizes the challenges New Dentists face, and are offering a Survival Guide Series of webinars to address the topics on your mind. We brought together experts to cover topics including malpractice insurance, different dental career paths, practice ownership and cybersecurity.

Best part? We will help you build your very own survival guide with a tip sheet after each program, to help you navigate as you start off on your dental career.

All four recorded webinars and tip sheets are currently available to members online at www.nysdental.org/survivalguide

What participants are saying:

“They were all very clear and concise with their information which was great. Sometimes in talks there can be so much info that it's overwhelming but all the speakers got their points across clearly.”

“I found the program very helpful. I think it is so great that this type of webinar is included in the new dentist group. Wonderful points and advice that I definitely wish someone had shared with me and it just show how important mentorship really is, at any stage of your career. I also personally loved seeing a black female panelist. Representation definitely makes a difference and being able to hear from different perspectives and experiences tonight was valuable.”