The New York State Dental Association is led by a team of dental and association professionals who have the best interest of our members in mind. These individuals make up our Board of Trustees, Councils, Officers and Executive Staff. NYSDA bylaws determine the terms and conditions of these various leadership positions.


President:  Kevin Henner, DMD
President-Elect:  James Galati, DDS
Vice President:  Anthony Cuomo, DDS
Secretary/Treasurer:  Frank C. Barnashuk, DDS
Speaker:  Steven Gounardes, DDS
Interim Executive Director: Michael Herrmann
Immediate Past President:  Craig S. Ratner, DMD



ADA Trustee:  Paul R. Leary, DMD


NYSDA Board of Trustees:

New York County:  Maurice L. Edwards, DMD
2nd District:  Mitchell D. Mindlin, DDS
3rd District:  Steven Essig, DDS
4th District:  Wayne Harrison, DDS
5th District:  Margaret Madonian, DDS
6th District:  Luis Mauleon Jr., DDS
7th District: Theresa Casper-Klock, DDS
8th District:  Kevin J. Hanley, DDS
9th District:  Christopher M. Tota, DDS
Nassau:  Frank Palmaccio, DDS
Queens:  Viren Jhaveri, DDS
Suffolk:  Guenter Jonke, DDS
Bronx:  Amarilis Jacobo, DDS


Council and Committee Chairs:

Awards Council: John Liang, DMD
Dental Benefit Programs Council:
  Alyson Buchalter, DMD
Dental Education and Licensure Council:
  Keith Margulis, DDS
Dental Health Planning and Hospital Dentistry Council: Sean McLaren, DDS
Dental Practice Council:  John Demas, DDS
Ethics Council:
  Nick Vittoria, DMD
Governmental Affairs Council:
 Richard Rubin, DDS
Membership and Communications Council:
  Claudia Mahon-Vazquez, DDS
New Dentist Committee:
  James Wanamaker, DDS
Nominations Council: Craig Ratner, DMD
Peer Review and Quality Assurance Council:  Christian Mathiesen, DMD
Professional Liability Insurance Council: David Reed, DDS
Annual Sessions Committee:
  Paul Markowitz, DMD 
Chemical Dependency Committee:  Robert Herzog, DDS
Information Technology Committee:
  Mitchell Rubinstein, DMD
EDPAC Board of Directors:  Michael Breault, DDS
NYSDA Support Services:  Joseph Caruso, DDS
NYSDF Board of Trustees:
  Kirk Gleason, DDS