NYSDA Membership Fees

Value is important. Saving you money, providing the best services and assisting you with the business of being a dentist are some of the ways we demonstrate that value.

Your total dues payment includes membership in the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association, and your local component dental association or society. This gains you access to every benefit, at every level. As the state association, we are responsible for all dues billing.

Membership Dues for Full Active Licensed Members

Annual Dues at State and National Levels:

  • 2024 NYSDA: $643
  • 2024 ADA: $570

Local component dues vary based on your location and the dues set by that specific association or society. To receive your specific dues quote: Apply today!

Dues waivers: Requests for dues waivers should be directed to your local component dental association or society. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, annually. Dues are billed annually. You can renew your membership for the upcoming year before, on, or after January 1st. A lapse in membership terminates benefits including things like certain insurance policies and the Legal Protection Plan.

Student & Resident Membership Fees

NYSDA offers memberships to students and current residents at a minimal cost. This fee is also billed annually. Students are automatically members of the New York State Dental Association as a benefit of their American Student Dental Association memberships. Graduate students and residents must apply for NYSDA/ADA membership.

  • NYSDA: $0
  • ADA: $0
  • Local: $0

Total: $0

Reduced Dues Programs for Recent Graduates

The ADA & NYSDA Reduced Dues Program enables recent graduates who have maintained their memberships to pay reduced NYSDA membership dues for their first two years in practice immediately following the completion of a residency program.

The reduced dues rates are as follows:

  • 1st year out: FREE!
  • 2nd: 50% off active member dues