NYSDA House of Delegates

The house is comprised of 102 voting members, and is the supreme authoritative body of the New York State Dental Association.

The Duties of the House of Delegates include:

  • Elect officers
  • Elect members of the Board of Trustees
  • Elect the trustee representing the Second Trustee District of the American Dental Association (subject to the approval of the HOD of the ADA).
  • Elect the members of councils and commissions
  • Elect the delegates and alternate delegates to the American Dental Association
  • Receive and act upon reports of the councils and committees
  • Adopt an annual budget and establish the dues of active members for the following year
  • Serve as the court of appeals from decisions of the Council on Ethics

Everything below was updated on 7/26/2021 

NYSDA Reports

Report 1 CRO
Report 2 BOT Nominations to Councils
Report 3 BOT Nominations to ADA House
Report 4 Nominations
Report 5 PLI
Report 6 CDBP
Report 7 NSS
Report 8 DHPHD
Report 9 CMC
Report 10 the Executive Director Membership
Report 11 CDEL
Report 12 CDP
Report 13 Ethics
Report 14 The New York State Dental Foundation
Report 15 CGA
Report 16 CPRQA
Report 17 ED Necrology
Report 18 BOT 2022 Budget
Report 19 EDPAC
Report 20 VP
Report 21 ADA Trustee
Report 22 Com on Const Byl
Report 23 Secretary Treasurer
Report 24 BOT Activities
Report 25 President Elect
Report 26 Executive Director Informational
Report 27 President


Resolution 1 CRO Adoption of Agenda
Resolution 2 CRO Referral of Resolutions
Resolution 3 BOT Nominations to Councils
Resolution 4 BOT Nominations to ADA House
Resolution 5 PLI PR - updated 7/28/21
Resolution 6 CDBP PR
Resolution 7 DHPHD PR
Resolution 8 CMC PR
Resolution 9 Dues Streamlining
Resolution 10 CDEL PR
Resolution 11 CDP PR
Resolution 12 National Dental Endosseous Implant Registry
Resolution 13 Ethics PR
Resolution 14 CGA PR
Resolution 15 Eligibility for Peer Review
Resolution 16 Peer Review Workshops
Resolution 17 CPRQA PR
Resolution 18 Virtual Credit Card payments by insurance companies to providers_
Resolution 19 Recognizing Black History Month
Resolution 19S-1 Recognizing Black History Month
Resolution 20 Create a Part-Time Membership Category for ADA Dues
Resolution 21 Reinstate a 75% Dues Waiver Category for the ADA
Resolution 22 BOT Committee on Substance Abuse and Well-Being Policy Review
Resolution 23 BOT Health Fluoride Varnish
Resolution 24 2022 BOT Adoption of Preliminary Budget
Resolution 25 BOT Dues 2022
Resolution 26 BOT Adoption of Final Budget 2022
Resolution 27 BOT The New York State Dental Journal
Resolution 28 BOT NYSDJ ADA Resolution


Appendix A Rescinded Policies NYSDA 2021 07.28.2021
Appendix B Budget
Appendix C Virtual Credit Card Payments by Insurance Companies to Providers
Appendix D NYSDJ
Appendix E Consolidated Financial Statements

ADA Reports